We specialize in empowering organisations to design and implement appropriate human capital development strategies and interventions
to ensure maximum return on investment.

About Us

Our vision is informed by our clients' desire to translate their skills and competencies into a marketable value for sustainable growth, development and to address the contemporary challenges of competitiveness.


Bosele Corporate Solutions utilises a team of seasoned, experienced and highly qualified consultants in different areas of specialization on a contract basis for its consulting services. We have the capacity to deliver within a short space of time with integrity and in line with client quality requirements.


Gloria Tumi Lechaba is the founding member of the Company. She is the Company’s strategic training and development specialist. Her qualifications include a B. degree in Industrial Psychology and Development Studies, Postgraduate diploma in marketing and Public/Development Management. She is also an accredited and constituent ETD practitioner freelancing to SETA’s, on various skills development activities and projects.


Tumi Lechaba has an extensive experience as a career and corporate HR consultant. She has executed various projects involving skills development, training quality assurance audits, designing HR systems and strategies (Organisational Development). She is an affiliated member of legitimate professional association’s bodies (Association of Skills Development Facilitation of SA and Institute of Personnel Management) and abide by their code of conduct, allowing clients recourse.